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Shaoyang high quality hydraulic valve Co., Ltd. was established in 2005. It is located in Shaoyang, the ancient city of central Hunan, Zhangjiajie in the north, Shaoshan in the East and Heng Mountain in the south. Now in an era of innovation and innovation, we will pursue continuous progress, our work philosophy: passion, constant challenge; self criticism, pursuit of excellence; our management style: responsibility first, service customers; freedom and equality. We are a scientific and technological enterprise integrating scientific research, development and production and sales. The company is people-oriented and has 8 senior technical titles (including 2 professors at the high level), 15 intermediate technical titles, and a hydraulic valve Institute. In recent years, seize the opportunity of rapid development of the industry, in view of the various actual working conditions of the user, a variety of high technical and economical products have been developed, which have received high praise from the users, and have achieved remarkable achievements. The main features of the company:
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  • Butterfly valve outlet valve
    In the past, the multi-valve system consisting of check valve, globe valve and water hammer eliminator was widely used in the cooling and circulating water supply equipment of industrial production to meet the specific requirements of starting and closing the pump, so as to achieve the purpose of starting and eliminating water hammer with light load.
  • Technical requirements of multi-function pump control valve
    This standard is applicable to multifunctional pump control valves with nominal pressure of PN1.0MPa - PN4.0MPa and nominal diameter of DN50mm - DN1200mm. Standard technical requirements are introduced as follows: 1 pressure - temperature level multifunction pump control valve pressure - temperature grade from shell, inner part and control pipe system material This standard is applicable to multifunctional pump control valves with nominal pressure of PN1.0MPa - PN4.0MPa and nominal diameter of DN50mm - DN1200mm.
  • Common failures and preventive measures for automatic valves
    Fault one: the valve is not through. The reasons are as follows: (1) the control channel is blocked by the sundries (the passage is small and easy to be blocked); and the piston is stuck in the highest position because of rust stains; although the upper part is stressed, it can not move down and can not open the main channel. Therefore, before the piston pressure relief valve must be installed filters, for newly installed or long-term discontinued pressure relief valve, must be disassembled for inspection and cleaning.
  • How to install stainless steel valves
    1, when the valve is lifted, the rope should not be tied to the handwheel or stem, so as not to damage the components and should be tied to the flange. 2, before installation, the valve should be checked to check the specifications and types, identify damage, especially for stem. It also needs to rotate a few times to see if it is skewed, because the most easily inclined stem is in the transportation process. And remove the sundries in the valve.
  • Causes and elimination of valve stem leakage
    When the ball valve is used, the valve rod leakage often occurs. It is necessary to find the reason for the leakage of the valve stem according to the specific conditions, so as to eliminate the failure and ensure the ball valve to be used normally. If the pressure of the pipe is too high and the ball valve stem leakage is caused by the pressure range of the ball valve, the ball valve must be replaced, and the ball valve is selected to meet the pressure of the pipe to ensure the normal operation of the pipe and the related equipment.
  • How to solve the noise problem in different conditions of the regulating valve
    1) elimination of resonance noise method Only when the regulating valve resonates, there is a superposition of energy to produce a strong noise of more than 100 decibels. Some are characterized by strong vibration, little noise, weak vibration, and very large noise; some vibration and noise are larger. This noise produces a single tone sound of 3000~7000 hertz. Obviously, resonance, noise elimination is clearly eliminated. Nature vanishes. Methods and examples see 4 of the above 4.5, 5), 6).
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